You can put a 2”-3” layer of mulch on the beds to prevent weeds from growing around the pool. Put a layer of newspaper under the mulch.

Each stone should appear firmly grounded to achieve the natural look. They need to look like as if connected to its immediate neighbors. Stay away from constrained stone patterns and even striving, distribution instead for a feel of randomness. Put a massive grouping of stones here and smaller grouping there and also mulched areas in between. The arrangement may seem crucial in achieving the look of natural stones.

It’s better to plant when the last frost date is past. Plant seeds 2 weeks prior to the last frost date with the seeds which are expected to sprout in 2 weeks.

Your choice of features, decking timbers, water tanks, pavers, plants and irrigation systems can have a huge impact on the overall cost of project.

Expert pool design and engineering team can work with any kind of challenging properties. Before you give up, call a pool professional. They will delivers tons of advice.

Plastic materials do not allow the necessary exchange of air and these smother the soil. Put newspaper under the mulch annually if you are looking for a cheap solution. It should greatly reduce weed growth.

There are many tasks for which you may want to hire a professional. They can surely help you to highlight the view of your landscape.

It is better to always keep a 2’barrier around the outside of the swimming pool free of any vegetation.

Who holds professional qualifications in general landscape architecture with training in planning, landscape design and horticulture is called a landscape architect. By using their knowledge of planning, building, civil engineering and the environment, they can plan an entire site.

A landscape designer is who has training in design, horticulture and landscape planning. They can produce an accurate design including a list of materials for construction by a landscape contractor.

Lawn must be mowed at a height of 2.5”-3”. It allows the grass to shade itself and lessening the need of water. It’s better to mulch rather than bag the grass clippings. It returns nitrogen to your lawn which allows less fertilizer.

It is better to not use grass because they grow under pools and up through the liner or between pool and liner. Choose some kind of rock landscape. The plants have to be container type plants. Then they can be moved easily then you need to change liners. They don’t grow roots under the swimming pool.

You can use a variety of bark mulches. Try mulches that fit best in color scheme and structure of the individual landscape.

Manually pull the weeds to stop growing cheat grass.

You can’t use large trees to landscape a pool area. Install a pergola or arbor on the western edge of the swimming pool. Climbing evergreen vine on the structure will give additional shade.

Use weed killer and make sure to test in a small area before you use. You may also try by hand. It will be advantageous to lift the paver to remove all root material.

The irrigation should be drained before the winter starts. Then it will be easier to prevent the frost damage. Check all the components periodically if they are functioning correctly.

The reason for calling them rock garden is the plants clearly share emphasis with the rocks. Their function in to complement the rocks surround them. They don’t need to have showiness that is expected from standalone plants.

Softer rock is always better than harder rock. Harder rock takes much longer to acquire the weathered look that you desire. They are less receptive to the growth of lichens and mosses. Stick the rocks that looks the same in color, from and texture. It will have more natural look if you use rocks of similar appearance throughout the rock garden.

Ornamental grasses add motion and color to the landscape during the winter and fall months. They should be cut back in the spring for the new growth is to be noticed.

Depending on night temperature the best time to water in between dawn and dusk. It allows the lawn to absorb the most water without evaporation. Never water during the hot part of days.

Automatic irrigation systems are especially for those who travel. It can even save your money if it is installed and programmed properly.

Avoiding plants or trees are good ideas that have potentially destructive roots. They damage pools and create the need of expensive repairs. If you really need them then plant them at least eight feet from the edge of the swimming pool. It will avoid such problems.