Energy Efficiency


It is suggested by the American Red Cross that the most healthful swimming temperature is 78°. You will also be conserving energy by setting the thermostat to 78°.

It is known by studies that the United States has enough solar energy in all parts of it. Get help from a professional. A little research can offer better knowledge to you.

The energy driven equipment can operate up to twelve hours per day to accurately circulate the water for effective filtration. It depends on the heating requirements, size of the pool and filtration equipment. A small increase in efficiency can lead to larger savings later. That’s why the right pool equipment is essential to the power bill. Your equipment selection can save a significant amount in the long run whether you are building a brand new swimming pool or only replacing existing equipment’s

  • Use a thermal blanket or pool cover when the pool is not in use. Evaporation for 70% of heat loss from the swimming pool.
  • Invest in a timer or pool controller
  • Wind breaks need to added to your pool
  • Maintain the top conditions of the filter, heater and pump
  • For most applications the pool waters temperature has to be set between 78°
  • Maintain a proper water chemistry